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PCC's Community Action Fund

What is the PCC’s Community Action Fund?

The PCC’s Community Action Fund is a new fund established by the Commissioner, for use by the community and voluntary sector to help support the Commissioner in either of the following:

    • Increased participation from communities who engage with, and promote community safety, helping to keep their community safe
    • A reduction in rural crime in communities

It is envisaged that this fund will be available for the life of the current Police and Crime Plan, 2017 -2021.

In 2017 to 2018 the Commissioner will be allocating £40,000 to the projects that meet either of  the Community Action Fund criteria (please see detailed below), and demonstrate working in partnership with others and / or have strong links to the community.   

The Commissioner will publish his own review of the Community Action Fund once all grants  have been allocated and spent. 

Who can apply?

    • Applications will only be considered from organisations working within the community or voluntary sector (including Town and Parish Councils).
    • The criteria that needs to be met is detailed below.


Applications will need to meet the criteria below in order to be considered for a grant from the PCC’s Community Action Fund. 

You should ensure your project meets either of the criteria before submitting your application for funding.

1. We welcome applications for a grant from £500 to £10,000.

  • Only applications of £500 or more will be considered. 
  • There is a maximum limit of £10,000.

2. Grants must be sought for projects that specifically support either of the following:

    • Increased participation from communities who engage with and promote community safety, helping to keep their community safe
    • A reduction in rural crime in communities

3. Grants will only be awarded to projects that will be spent in Wiltshire and / or Swindon and benefit the communities of these areas.

4. Applications will be considered from the voluntary and community sector only.  There is no exception to this. 

5. Projects successful in their bid will have to ensure the grant is spent in the financial year 2017-18.  There is no exception to this.

6. Projects cannot be in receipt of both the PCC’s Community Action Fund grant and the Wiltshire Community Foundation Office of Police and Crime Commissioner Grant in the same financial year.

7. Grants will not be awarded for projects that fund the advancement of religion or party political activities.

Allocation of Grants:

In deciding which projects should receive a grant, the Commissioner will apply the following:

  1. Consider the evidence provided at Sections 4 and 5 of the application form
  2. Score each application on a scale from ‘no evidence’ to ‘strong evidence’
  3. Rank each application from the highest scoring to the lowest scoring with funding allocated in rank order

How to apply:

Please note the PCCs Community Action Fund is now closed 


Organisations and communities who are successful in their application to the Fund will be required to submit a final report detailing how the grant was used and what benefits and outcomes were achieved to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.


Openness and transparency:

A list of successful projects will be published on this page once the Commissioner has made his decision.  Subject to confidentiality issues, progress and final reports of the various projects will also be published here along with any other relevant information

Any questions?

Please use the Contact Us  page to ask any questions.


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