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Events and Engagement


 pcc inside events and engagement


Engaging with the public is an important part of my role as your Police and Crime Commissioner.

Soon after my election I decided to use the network of Area Boards in Wiltshire and the Locality meetings in Swindon as my primary points of personal contact with the public.

Members of my team will attend Area Boards and Locality meetings for the 30-minute networking session before each meeting starts.

If you have a policing concern which you would like to raise with me, then please speak to my representative and he or she will be happy to take your details.

I aim to address each Area Board and Locality meeting annually.

For details of upcoming Area Board and Locality meetings please see below.

I also get out and about at markets and big outdoor events in Wiltshire and Swindon with my purple and white marquee which gives me a great opportunity to meet the public and get valuable feedback. Check my calendar of upcoming events for details.

Then there are the indoor events such as the Business Crime Forum which give me the chance to meet particular groups in the community.


Neighbourhood Policing Awards


I launched these awards in spring 2014 to tie in with Volunteers’ Week in June and since did my second award ceremony for 2015. The aim is to celebrate the men and women who offer exceptional service to their community.

Police officers, police staff, members of the Special Constabulary and other volunteers who have made a real difference to a neighbourhood can be nominated.

The awards also offer the people of Wiltshire and Swindon the chance to recognise fellow members of the public who are helping me to achieve one or more of his main priorities:


Market Visits

 malborough market - inside events and engagement

I like to attend markets across to county to engage with members of the public to find out their policing and crime matters in their area. Have a look at my events calendar to find out if I am coming to your local market in the near future.


Business Crime Forum


In 2013 I launched a major consultation about crime with business men and women.

A business crime survey was organised which was designed to help me to understand the extent, nature and impact of crime and anti-social behaviour faced by the business community.

The survey results were presented at a free half-day business crime forum which I staged at the Corn Exchange in Devizes.

I intend to run another business crime event in 2015. Please look out for details.


Rural Crime Forum


I am very keen to consult with the rural community – farmers, land owners, market gardeners, smallholders and people who count themselves as members of that community.

I have in mind an annual survey on rural crime. I shall also seek to present the findings of the survey at an event which brings the rural community together.




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