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Working with communities

Working with communitiesAs your Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), I want to help empower communities so neighbourhoods can take control in dealing with local matters themselves, with the police and other agencies offering support when needed.

I believe that some people feel like they have lost this influence, which is why I want to help empower communities to make people feel more positive about where they live.

I plan to do this by further embedding neighbourhood teams within communities with these teams being joined by staff from other agencies, for example housing officers and council anti-social behaviour officers. This will enable a more holistic approach to tackle low level crime and anti-social behaviour.

This approach also sits with on-going plans to have these teams based at community campuses in the Wiltshire Council area. I am also keen for a similar approach to be developed in Swindon.

I strongly support the various ‘watch’ schemes that currently run in Swindon and Wiltshire, such as Neighbourhood Watch, Street Watch and Speed Watch. I intend to promote and encourage further ‘watch’ groups as a way to empower the public.

I will also be focusing on promoting more open and collaborative work between the police and other agencies to identify and support the most vulnerable people in our society.

As an elected representative, another main part of my role is to meet and represent the views of residents on policing and crime matters.

I, or representatives from my office, will also be at Wiltshire Council Area Board and Swindon Borough Council Locality meetings. I am also meeting many local groups, such as street pastors, to find out about their role in the community safety and criminal justice worlds, and will ‘be out and about’ around the county talking to people.


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