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Contracts and Tenders

List and Value of Contracts

The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is required to publish information on contracts to which the elected local policing body (the PCC) or the chief officer of the police force maintained by the body, is or is to be a party.

Where the contract value exceeds £10,000, data is available from the Bluelight Emergency Services Tendering website.

Once on the Bluelight website:

  • Click "Awarded Contracts" in the box on the left headed "Supplier Area"
  • This will take you to a page headed "Current Contracts Visible For Freedom Of Information"
  • Use the "Organisation" drop down menu to select "Wiltshire Police"
  • Use the "Categories" and "Sub-Categories" drop down menus to narrow your search (optional)
  • Click "Search"

Contracts over £10000

Purchase Orders for items of a value exceeding £10,000:

Terms and Conditions for purchase orders

April-June 2014

July-Sept 2014

 A list of contracts worth less than £10,000 can be viewed here:

Payments over £500


Invitations to tender

Police and Crime Commissioners are required to publish a copy of every invitation to tender for a contract with an expected value exceeding £10,000 to which they or the Chief Constable is a party.

Invitations to tender are published through Tenders Direct, Tenders Electronic Daily or via the Bluelight Emergency Services Tendering website


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