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Independent Custody Visitors

Custody visiting

Independent Custody Visitors help me to ensure that the police service is open and accountable to the public.

Members of the community, who are recruited and trained, visit custody units unannounced  in pairs to check on the welfare of detainees and their conditions.


 There are currently two custody units in Wiltshire, one in Melksham and one in Swindon.

I am legally required to have an Independent Custody Visiting scheme in place. It is my responsibility to organise and oversee the scheme, in consultation with the Chief Constable. 

I must ensure that robust and effective procedures for establishing and maintaining the scheme are in place.

The annual report for 2015-16 can be read here. 


To undertake visits to custody with fellow Independent Custody Visitors (ICVs) to check on the welfare of detainees. 



  •  To arrange custody visits with fellow ICVs in line with agreed rosters.
  •  To keep the co-ordinator and fellow ICVs informed of any problems with rostered custody visits
  •  To carry out custody visits to designated police stations in line with the Wiltshire ICV Scheme and Handbook, and training
  •  To check on the conditions in which a detainee is kept, their health and wellbeing and their legal rights and entitlements,   with reference to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) Code C.
  •  Where appropriate consult the detainee’s custody record to clarify and check any concerns raised by the detainee
  •  To discuss with the custody officer any concerns and requests arising from the custody visit and bring to the custody officer’s attention any issue that needs to be dealt with
  •  To complete the ICV report form at the end of the visit, ensuring all relevant information is recorded correctly, clearly and concisely
  •  To distribute copies of the ICV report form to the appropriate people
  •  To complete and submit expense claims in line with the Wiltshire ICV Scheme and Handbook
  •  To give a commitment to attend continuous training sessions
  •  To give a commitment to attend the twice yearly ICV Panel Meetings held locally
  •  To carry out the duties of an ICV with regard to the health and safety requirements of the Wiltshire ICV Scheme and Handbook
  •  To carry out the duties of an ICV as set out in the Wiltshire ICV Scheme and Handbook 


How to become an Independent Custody Visitor


We are not currently recruiting for new Independent Custody Visitors (ICVs).

In order to apply to become an Independent Custody Visitor you must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Live or work within Wiltshire and Swindon
  • Have been resident in the United Kingdom for at least two years prior to the date of application
  • Not be a serving police officer, member of police staff, special constable, magistrate or from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. 

Applications from others involved with the criminal justice system will be considered individually where any potential conflict of interest will be considered. 

Thank you for your interest in the scheme.


Useful links

 Read the Independent Custody Visiting Association What is an Independent Custody Visitor guide.



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