My Office

I am supported by a small office of experienced officers to help me achieve the priorities set out in my Icon for pdf Police and Crime Plan. [15.52MB] Icon for pdf The office structure can be viewed here. [91.49KB]

Senior Employees

Chief Executive - Kieran Kilgallen

Responsibilities: As Chief Executive, Kieran leads the OPCC and provides advice and support to the Police and Crime Commissioner in fulfilling his responsibility for the totality of policing. This includes supporting the PCC to set and deliver his police and crime plan and drive improvements across policing, criminal justice and community safety. He fulfils the role of Monitoring Officer and the head of legal services, providing advice to both the Commissioner and the Chief Constable.

Salary: £58,782 (0.6 full time equivalent)

Deputy Chief Executive - Naji Darwish

Responsibilities: As deputy Chief Executive, Naji is responsible for commissioning services and policy development, day-to-day running of the OPCC and deputising for the Chief Executive. This includes support the PCC in developing the Police and Crime Plan, Annual report and delivering improvements in policing, criminal justice and community safety.

Salary: £83,853

Chief Finance Officer - Clive Barker

Responsibilities: As Chief Finance Officer for the Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive is responsible for providing the PCC with day-to-day financial advice and long term financial planning to deliver the Police and Crime plan.  He is the officer responsible under statute for the proper administration of the PCC's financial affairs and ensures the OPCC meets its obligations under its own financial regulations.  He is also responsible for managing the finance, estates, facilities and fleet functions.

Salary: £52,843 (0.5 full time equivalent)

Office Diversity

There is certain information relating to the diversity of the staff I employ I am required to publish under the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011.  This information can be found below:  

Number of members of staff


Proportion of staff who are female


Proportion of staff who are from an ethnic minority


Proportion of staff who have a disability