Guest blog: Jennie Shaw - Volunteers a key part of the Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust

Sunday 6 May 2018

Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust Director Jenny Shaw tells us how volunteers play a key part in supporting delivery to the community across the county. 

"The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust has always been supported by volunteers at fundraising events since we began in 1998. 

"Volunteers now play a key role and we have two teams of volunteers running schemes that would otherwise not be being delivered. 

"The first is our covert camera team. These cameras are installed by a Bobby Van Operator on the request of Wiltshire Police, into the homes of the most vulnerable within the community who would be open to victimisation or repeat victimisation. These cameras need to be serviced every three months to ensure that any evidence captured can be used in court. 

"The installation and servicing was being undertaken by police officers, but due to cutbacks the scheme could no longer continue. The commitment of our volunteers has saved this service and convictions have been acquired using the evidence captured.

"The second team are pivotal in delivering our Stay Safe Online home visits and group talks.  This was launched in May 2017 and they have visited or talked to over 100 clients and groups. This has been a very welcome addition to our remit and would not be possible without our volunteers. 

"Volunteers bring enthusiasm and skills to the Bobby Van team and ensure we can carry on providing the highly professional service we do across the three areas.  They support us at events across the county to raise public awareness of home, personal and online safety. 

"We certainly would not be able to commit to all the work we do without them and we are truly grateful for the time and effort that they put in."