PCC backs police action on anti-social behaviour in Salisbury

Friday 4 January 2019

Commissioner Angus Macpherson

In recent weeks there has been a growing problem with anti-social behaviour in Salisbury, particularly around the market place and Police and Crime Commissioner, Angus Macpherson has backed police action to tackle the problem.

Angus said: "Salisbury Police has been carrying out a number of proactive 'pulse patrols' to ensure a visible presence in the city.

"And today's news that a teenager has been charged, and another arrested in connection with the anti-social behaviour problems demonstrates just how seriously the police are treating this.

"Arresting a child is never an easy decision, but when there are no alternatives left, it is a necessary action and there are a number of safeguards in place when this is the case ensuring that the child is treated appropriately when in custody.

"Those intent on causing misery and disruption to the community, will not be tolerated and the police have my full support in clamping down on this behaviour.

"Their age will not excuse them from taking responsibility for their actions."

The PCC is currently consulting with residents and businesses for a proposed increase to the policing precept, with the aim of recruiting more officers, tackling cyber-crime and funding crime prevention incentives.

"If the public support my proposals I want to recruit an additional 41 police officers and two cyber-crime staff with an increased focus on community policing and preventing crime.

"I will allocate £500,000 for crime prevention, particularly early intervention tactics to target those who may commit crime in future.

"I am absolutely committed to ensuring that we have a proactive police force that focuses on preventing crime."