PCC backs extra funding for knife crime

PCC office portrait

Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon Angus Macpherson has welcomed the news that more funding will be given to police to tackle knife crime. 

Yesterday, the Chancellor, during his Spring Statement, announced an additional £100 million in funding to policing for 2019/20 to deal with the issue. 

Following the news, Angus said:  "I am pleased to see concerns of the public and police have been listened to by the government. 

"Wiltshire is a safe county, but to keep it that way we must understand the influences of knife crime nationally, and all work together to take action, raise awareness and educate our communities. 

"This week's knife crime awareness campaign - Op Sceptre - is a timely reminder that our police are not complacent despite comparatively low knife crime in our county.  I see officers every day carrying out their business as usual: stop and searches, making arrests and, equally as important, preventative work in schools and colleges. 

"This money, which is being given to seven forces, of which none are in the South West, is welcome - but we must realise that we live in a county without boundaries as County Lines has proven. 

"And let's not forget, partnership working is also key to the good work the Force already does  - police tactics alone will not prevent these serious crimes and the wider solutions must involve further action from government, education, health, social services, and our communities themselves.

"I will continue to press the government to review the division of monies nationally so Wiltshire can maintain the level of safety we all enjoy."


Published Thursday 14 March 2019.