Policing for the future - update to Police and Crime Plan 2019

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Plans for policing in Wiltshire over the next two years have been updated by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon. 

The Police and Crime Plan sets out key priorities to keep people safe and ensures that Wiltshire Police is doing its job properly in preventing and investigating crime as well as protecting communities.  

The plan, which was launched in 2017 setting out these priorities until 2021, has been revised for this year following the PCC's Annual Report for 2018 - 19 launched in August and agreed by the Police and Crime Panel.  This reflects the increase in officer numbers as delivered by the PCC's precept rise and the government's recent promise of more police which will have a positive and direct impact on community policing in Wiltshire.  

The four priorities:
Prevent crime and keep people safe
Protect the most vulnerable people in society
Put victims, witnesses and communities at the heart of everything we do
Secure a quality police service that is trusted and efficient

Angus Macpherson said: "Since the plan was released in 2017 I have been reviewing the priorities and thinking about the big issues that the communities of Wiltshire and Swindon are now facing.
"Although the main priorities haven't altered, we have made some changes to reflect my ambition to focus on protecting the vulnerable, young and old; working with partners to improve services and to harness the power of communities through their work with officers to help reduce crime."

Headlines of the revised Police and Crime Plan for 2019

1. Prevent crime and keep people safe

Mr Macpherson said: "The first duty of the police is to keep us safe, and we do live in a very safe county.  But we cannot be complacent about the threats posed by organised crime, cyber crime and terrorism.  The police need to work closely with our partners and the public in the face of these threats.
"In 2018 Wiltshire Police was voted the best in the country for dealing with residents priorities and second for public confidence in the police and I intend to maintain such high standards.

"I pledge to protect frontline community policing officer numbers and PCSOs at 2019/20 levels as well as giving more money for community policing."

2. Protect the most vulnerable people in society

Angus said: "Safeguarding those at risk is crucial.
"Working with our partners, I will make sure that victims of domestic abuse and sexual offences have the confidence to seek help and are supported.  We must stop abusive and controlling behaviour and enforce and deter offenders.
"We will continue to work with both Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council to protect vulnerable young people. We will focus on those at risk of police intervention, as a victim, offender or both and ensure that young people are diverted from the criminal justice system with appropriate interventions that address their needs and prevent re-offending. 
"Meeting the needs of people in mental health crisis is a continuing concern. Through health and local authorities working with police, I will ensure that those who need a place of safety are taken to an NHS facility and never to police custody."

3. Put victims, witnesses and communities at the heart of everything we do

Mr Macpherson continued: "Crime can have a deep and lasting impact on victims and witnesses and I will ensure that we continue to provide tailored support to help people cope and recover.
"I am responsible for victim services and will continue to make sure that criminal justice agencies are meeting their obligations to victims, every case has the best possible outcome and justice is swift as possible for both victim and defendant. 
"Restorative Together helps victims deal with their experience of crime, bringing them face to face with the offender.
"Horizon - also commissioned by me - guides victims and witnesses through the criminal justice process."

4. Secure a quality police service that is trusted and efficient

Angus said: "Everyone has a right to a good quality and efficient police service.
"I have made a very big investment in smartphones, laptops and tablets for our officers and staff so they can work in the communities they serve - the use of mobile technology at its best.  Visibility and accessibility are important and that continues. 
"I will ensure that the police responds to the public swiftly and arrive when needed. 
"My Estates Strategy includes the disposal of sites which are no longer fit for 21st century policing; the savings will be diverted in to front-line services." 

The updated Police and Crime Plan for 2019 can be found on the PCC's website - click here. 

Published on Tuesday 5 November 2019.