What's the latest on our Estate updates?

Estates Strat 2017 - 2021

Activity is really ramping up this year to realise my Estates Strategy 2017-21. Lots of work was carried out towards the end of last year but I wanted to give you an update.

We're keen to improve the spaces we have, not only to give our officers and staff premises to enable them to meet the demands of their roles, but also work in facilities to be proud of and improve their general health and well-being. We've had to make some hard decisions when it comes to our estate portfolio but it's all for the benefit of delivering first-class policing to our communities.

Royal Wootton Bassett improvements are progressing well and are currently due for completion in April 2020. The police station in Malmesbury has been home to the CPT team usually based at Royal Wootton Bassett while the work has been carried out but I'm sure they'll be glad to get back to fresh, modern facilities and are worth the wait!

Alterations and improvements at the new site in Warminster will begin in April 2020, due for completion at the end of the summer. The facility is in close proximity to fire and NHS partners and post renovations will give our CPT a bright, contemporary environment in which to work.

Refurbishment plans of Bourne Hill in Salisbury to a modern, open plan environment across a single floor have been submitted and if approved, are likely to commence in the second half of 2020.

The preliminary phase update and renovations of Devizes Headquarters are nearly complete, with the canteen and conference meeting spaces already finished. Soon to be followed by the bar update, giving staff the opportunity for more break-out areas and flexible working environments, as well as a new I.T. help desk.

As you may be aware, several touchdown points have now gone live successfully, replacing out-of-date and underused police buildings which weren't open to the public. Not only does this save us valuable funds but also encourages officers out into our communities, in places where they already frequent, making them more visible and accessible.

All police officers start their shifts and are briefed at a police station with access to all the required services and equipment for them to carry out their duties. They of course can return to a police station if required. Touchdown points offer them an additional place for them to take a break, carry out paperwork and access facilities whilst still remaining visible and accessible to the community. 

The Police Station in Marlborough was replaced by a smaller and more accessible nearby enquiry office and touchdown point at the end of last year. The former police station development plans are being displayed on location for feedback at a local community event on Thursday 19 March from 2:30pm to 6:30pm.

Calne and Pewsey Leisure Centres touchdown points went live at the start of the year which will provide state-of-the-art environment in which to carry out work and make use of the facilities. Officers in Calne can also choose to make use of the Council Offices, kindly offered by the town council.

The next wave of touchdowns go live today and make use of existing library buildings in the heart of the communities we serve in Downton, Wilton, Malmesbury and Westbury. Again, they are frequented by the public, in partnered locations, keeping our officers local yet still able to respond quickly if required.