15 November 2020 - Swindon Diwali

The Commissioner is delighted to attend the virtual Swindon Diwali.

Swindon Hindu Temple has played a key role in bringing communities and generations together in Swindon and nearby areas for fulfilment of their religious, social, cultural, community and charitable aspirations over the last several years.

The festive period for Hindus around the world has just started, leading to the very popular Festival of Light - Diwali celebrations.

Swindon Hindu Temple has been organising extensive celebrations to mark the festival of light Diwali each year including fireworks show, cultural performances, religious puja & ceremonies, sky lantern competition, decorative floor arts, and sumptuous festive food, enjoyed by over 1,000 people each year.

2020 has been a very different year due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and as a society we are adapting constantly to new ways of different aspects of our lives.