As Police and Crime Commissioner, I am responsible for determining how much money is allocated to Wiltshire Police and to the non-policing services that support my Police and Crime Plan.

The money to provide policing services comes from central government and the local policing precept.  The table below shows how that money is allocated. 





Local Policing 34,414 27.4%
Dealing with the Public 8,041 6.4%
Criminal Justice Arrangements 7,601 6.1%
Operational Support 8,092 6.4%
Intelligence 5,040 4.0%
Investigations 18,250 14.5%
PPD 6,916 5.5%
National Policing  739 0.6%
Support Functions 30,168 24.0%
OPCC Office cost 1,144 0.9%
PCC Service Commissioning 1,922 1.5%
Capital finance/pensions 3,197 2.5%



Policing Precept

In January 2020, I consulted with residents of Wiltshire and Swindon on my proposals for the policing precept for 2020-21.

The consultation showed that 73.52% of respondents supported a rise of at least a £1 per month. However, this consultation started prior to central government announcing the settlement for 2020/21. We received clarification on Wednesday 22 January and were delighted to see that the government fulfilled their promise to policing. The flexibility to increase the policing precept, alongside the announcement from central government, means we can significantly invest in this public service. The small increase of £10 per year (84p per month), for an average household, will mean more money to enhancing our community policing in our neighbourhood areas. This is in addition to the extra 49 police officers we will deliver in Wiltshire and Swindon as part of the governments Uplift Programme. The current contribution of £206 per year will increase to £216 per year for the average band D property. 

Please read a copy of my Police and Crime Panel report regarding the proposal and results of the public consultation.

Total Income

You can find below details of the anticipated income for 2020-21 compared with 2019-20. 


2019-20 £million

2020-21 £million

Central Funding 63.794 68.176
Police and Crime Precept 53.743 57.055
Council Tax Collection Fund surplus 0.55 0.293
Investment Income 0 0
Total Income available to PCC 118.087 125.524

You can find below details of the proposed expenditure for 2020-21 compared with 2019‑20.

Proposed Expenditure 2020-21


2019-20 £million

2020-21 £million

OPCC Office costs 1.165 1.186
OPCC capital contribution 0.818 2.505
OPCC commissioning funds 1.687 1.827
OPCC Shared Service allocation   26.326
OPCC Chief Constable allocation 114.417 93.68
Total Proposed expenditure 118.087 125.524

Further Information

More detailed financial information can be found in the Medium Term Financial Strategy on the Finance Documents pages. 

Information about the money spent in collaboration with other forces in the south west can be found on the Collaboration Agreements page