Under the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011 I am required to publish certain financial information. This includes information relating to contracts and tenders which I am a part of.  Further information can be found below.

List of Contracts under £10,000

These are published in the same document that details expenditure of £500 or more. More information can be found here

Copy of Contracts over £10,000

For contracts exceeding £10,000, data is available on the Bluelight Emergency Services Tendering website

Once on the Bluelight website, to view contracts for Wiltshire Police:

  • Click "Awarded Contracts" in the box on the left headed "Supplier Area"
  • Use the "Organisation" drop down menu to select "Wiltshire Police"
  • Use the "Categories" and "Sub-Categories" drop down menus to narrow your search (optional)
  • Click "Search"

Copy of Invitation to Tenders over £10,000

These are published through the following websites: