Under the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011, I am required to publish certain financial information.  This includes information relating to the budget and the precept issued each year.

Treasury Management and Investment Strategy

Details of my current treasury management strategy can be found below.  This document also includes my annual investment strategy.

Medium Term Financial Strategy

My Medium Term Financial Strategy covers a four year period from this financial year.  It sets out the key financial issues that I will face over this time setting the context for my revenue budget, capital programme and precept decisions. 

Budget Book

Statement of Accounts

Reserves Policy

My reserves policy sets out how I will determine and review the level of usable and unusable reserves and provisions.  The policy has been produced in line with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy best practice and is available below.


Previous versions:


Police Pensions

The South West Region Police Pension Board was established in September 2015.  Although there is no requirement to publish an annual report, the Board believes it is in the interest of transparency to do so.  Below is the first annual report of the activities of the Board.


Commissioned Services and Grants

I am responsible for commissioning services other than policing to deliver my Police and Crime Plan and have two funds that I use for this purpose.

Community Safety Fund: This is money I allocate to support the delivery of my Police and Crime Plan objectives.  The fund supports collaborative arrangements with local authorities, third sector providers and Wiltshire Police.  

Victims Fund: This is a specific allocation by the Ministry of Justice for Victim Services and Restorative Justice services.  

Details can be found below of the grants made from these two funds.

Contract and Provider List


2019-20 Allocation