The table below provides a summary of freedom of information requests received by the OPCC, along with the responses issued where applicable.  All such requests and responses remain anonymous. 

FOI-634 Use of non-relational technologies or no-SQL databases by the OPCC.pdf

FOI-620 Information relating to a response to correspondence.pdf

FOI-585  Details of previous criminal convictions of PCC and OPCC staff  Request Closed. Considered withdrawn- no response to requestsfor clarification

FOI-575  Expenses claimed by the PCC between November 2012 and October 2013  Refused - Information already published

FOI-560 Police officer recruitment procedures.pdf

FOI-559  Details of any memorandum of understanding between the PCC and the prison service  No information held

FOI-541 Details of any items stolen from the OPCC.pdf

FOI-479 Information regarding funding for drug and alcohol services.pdf

FOI-477   How does the OPCC meet transparency requirements   Refused - Information already published

FOI-422  Payments made by the OPCC to ACPO, PNICC and NDORS in the last 3 years  Request withdrawn

FOI-392 Registration of PCC as a data controller.pdf

FOI-365 Number of redundancies since the introduction of the PCC.pdf

FOI-332 Internal and external communications regarding the sale or potential sale of Salisbury police station.pdf

FOI-320  Expenses claimed by the PCC since election  Refused - Information already published

FOI-272 Provision of vehicles to the PCC.pdf

FOI-271 Payments made to senior officers outside of national Police Negotiating Board agreements.pdf

FOI-267 Details of training courses undertaken by OPCC.pdf

FOI-243  Cost of photography and signage incurred by the OPCC  Please see FOI-196

FOI-242  Cost of consultants employed by the OPCC  Please see FOI-196

FOI-227  OPCC mileage claim and branding of transportation  Please see FOI-196

FOI-226  OPCC taxi use and purchase of cars   Please see FOI-196

FOI-211 Information on sale or potential sale of Malmesbury police station.pdf

FOI-197  Details of Police Authority/OPCC staff  Please see 2013-196

FOI196-243 Details of money spent by OPCC on newspapers, decorating and hospitality since 16th November 2012.pdf

FOI-167 Total estimated cost of responding to FOI requests since the Act's introduction.pdf

FOI-149  Information about employees of OPCC  FOI-149

FOI-104 List of PCC employees including salaries and job title.pdf