Finance Documents

Under the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011, the PCC is required to publish certain financial information.  This includes information relating to the budget and the precept issued each year. 

The Medium Term Financial Strategy covers a four year period from 2018 until 2022.  It sets out the key financial issues that the PCC will face over this time setting the context for the revenue budget, capital programme and precept decisions. 

The PCC is required to publish a set of accounts each year providing a breakdown of the financial performance and financial position for the OPCC and the Chief Constable.  The accounts are subject to external audit and members of the public have certain rights during this process.  Further details can be found here

Commissioned Services and Grants: The PCC is responsible for commissioning services other than policing to deliver the Police and Crime Plan. The PCC has two funds for this purpose.

Community Safety Fund: funds allocated to support the delivery of the Police and Crime Plan objectives. The fund supports collaborative arrangements with local authorities, third sector providers and Wiltshire Police.

Victims Fund: This is a specific allocation by the Ministry of Justice for Victim Services and Restorative Justice services.  

Further information such as the current Treasury Management and Investment Strategy and Reserves Policy can be found here

Joint Independent Audit Committee

The Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable have established a Joint Independent Audit Committee in line with guidance set out in the Home Office Financial Management Code of Practice for the police forces of England and Wales. 

The Joint Independent Audit Committee provides both the Commissioner and the Chief Constable with independent assurance on relevant financial and governance matters.  The Committee meets four times a year and members of the public are welcome to attend.

Further information about the Committee can be found here

Regional Collaborations

The Policing Protocol Order 2011 states that the PCC has the legal power and duty to: "enter into collaboration agreements with other PCCs, other policing bodies and partners that improve the efficiency or effectiveness of policing for one or more policing bodies or police forces in consultation with the Chief Constable (where this relates to the functions of the police force, then it must be with the agreement of the Chief Constable)".

See here for the list of the current Collaboration Agreements