The Wiltshire Police Youth and Early Intervention team consists of Police Officers, PCSOs and Police Staff Co-ordinators and an Analyst, led by a central Supervisor for a ‘one team’ approach.

The early intervention model seeks to identify and address root causes of issues for children and families at the earliest opportunity, before they become entrenched within the criminal justice system.

There is strong evidence to support that effective early intervention can significantly improve the lives of young people, diverting them from anti-social behaviour and criminal activity, and associated risks of being a victim including of exploitation. Early intervention therefore not only improves outcomes but also offers economic and social benefits in the long term. Key to success is the early identification of children and young people at risk of poor outcomes; using appropriate and needs led interventions, considering the context and setting for children, young people and their families.

The Youth and EI Team deliver interventions in a strength based, contextual, child centred, trauma informed approach. They work closely with key partners and stakeholders, such as the OPCC, to deliver on all the Police and Crime Plan priorities:

  1. Prevent crime and keep people safe.
  2. Protect the most vulnerable in society
  3. Put victims and communities at the heart of everything we do
  4. Secure a quality police service that is trusted and efficient.

The current staffing structure within the Early Intervention Team Structure sits under the Head of Improvement and Change who is supported by the Early Intervention and Prevention Manager who supervises the Youth and EI Supervisor. Police Officer and PCSO allocation to CPT’s is as follows:

  • 7 PCs
    • 2 FTE & 1 P/T PCs – Swindon CPT
    • 1 FTE PC – East and Amesbury CPTs
    • 1 FTE PC West CPT
    • 1 FTE PC Salisbury CPTs
    • 1 FTE PC North CPTs
  • 3 PCSOs
    • 1 PCSO - North CPTs
    • 1 PCSO - South CPTs
    • 1 PCSO - Swindon CPTs
  • 2 s Youth and EI Co-ordinators (1 County, 1 Swindon)

In addition to this the team has 1 Troubled Families Analyst (funded by the 2 local authorities)

Commissioned Services

Premiere League Kicks

Swindon Town FC deliver free kicks sessions for young people 8-18 years to deliver community activities, workshops and football sessions. Wiltshire Police work in partnerships to identify any areas of focus where we can support Youth Diversion.

Leaders Unlocked

Leaders Unlocked will offer support to young people, aged 14-25 years, within the communities across Swindon and Wiltshire to have a voice and their views to be listened to. It is anticipated that this will help influence the PCC priorities, policies and future policy. A final Youth Commission Conference will be held in 2022 to represent their findings to the PCC and partner agencies.

Youth Outreach Pilot for CYP Impacted upon by Domestic Abuse

This is a service delivered by Swindon Woman’s Aid through an outreach worker who will engage with young people aged 7-17 years that are impacted upon by domestic violence/abuse. The support will enable young victims to cope and recover from harm on an outreach basis, provide interventions to address adverse experiences and reduce likelihood on long term negative outcomes, to provide information, practical support and expertise.

Swindon Youth Mentoring Wellbeing Pilot

This service is delivered by SMASH through joint funding from Swindon Borough Council and The Police and Crime Commissioner. The aim is to provide an evidenced early intervention provision for children and young people aged 9 to 16 in Swindon who have been identified as being likely to benefit wellbeing support.

Wiltshire Police Supporting Schools/Area boards/Partner Agencies

Wiltshire Police representatives currently sit on a number of partnership boards and panels. In Swindon, Police attend the College, School and Police panel for Secondary Age Young People. They also attend a number of multiagency meetings in relation to safeguarding of young people and children in need across Wiltshire and Swindon.

Wiltshire Police and OPCC represent at a number of Community Safety Partnership Boards Subgroups, including Exploitation and Serious Violence Reduction Forum. Representative also have links to Swindon Safeguarding Partnership & Safeguarding Vulnerable People Partnership (Wiltshire)

Wiltshire Police attend weekly triage meetings with the Early Help Hub staff to identify young people that may benefit from engaging within the Police SWIFT programme (Swindon and Wiltshire Interventions for Families to Thrive)

CPT staff attend Area Board meetings within the relevant CPT areas.

Police in the classroom – Wiltshire Police have allocated PCSO’s working with all schools to deliver key educational messages in relation to policing and the Law across the various key stages within primary and secondary. More information is available below 


Virtual Forum - School Lessons (Wiltshire Police - Youth and Early Intervention)

Wiltshire Police Early interventions

Wiltshire Police Early Intervention team have a number of initiatives when working with Children and young people. The links below provide a summary of each of these programmes. (Links are to YouTube videos)

Restorative Approaches regarding Youths across Wiltshire and Swindon

The OPCC is working with partners to consider restorative approaches to support youths. Examples of this include working with secondary schools, Local Authorities and Wiltshire Police to consider how these approaches can be embedded within practice.

Wiltshire Police and partner agencies are developing guidance for officers/staff to support the National Protocol on reducing criminalisation of looked after children and care leavers, which promotes the use of restorative approaches.

This report can also be downloaded as a .pdf