Male Rape Support Services Fund (£1.4m available nationally)

£1.4m available to increase the availability and capacity of sexual violence support services to meet the specific needs of men and boys and respond to demand arising as a result of the pandemic. This funding is for this financial year until 31 March 2022. This fund is open to PCCs and RSF recipients.

The Fund is open to MoJ directly commissioned services, and PCC commissioned and non-commissioned specialist services locally (by “non-commissioned” we refer to organisations not currently receiving grant funding from either MoJ or PCCs, but who can evidence that they meet the criteria of the Fund).

Applications for funding can only be accepted from organisations who currently already provide gender-specific support to men and boys, including specialist male-only services, and those who support both men and women, to further enhance their support offer. Further details on eligibility criteria can be found in the attached guidance.

As well as considering bids from individual providers, we will also consider partnership/collaborative bids, including those that seek to cover more than one geographical area. 

Funding must be spent within the funding period.

Deadline for return of applications

Any applications must be returned to:

[email protected] by 5pm on Monday 21 June.