The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives you the right to access all types of recorded information held by public bodies.

It places a number of obligations on those public bodies, as well as setting out what types of information may or may not be disclosed.

The Act is enforced by the Information Commissioner, which regulates the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts.  

Making a Freedom of Information Act request

There is certain information that the Police and Crime Commissioner is required to publish under the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011.  This information can be found under the headings of 'My Office', 'What I Do', and 'How Your Money is Spent'.  We also publish responses to previous Freedom of Information requests and these can be viewed on the disclosure log.

Before submitting a request, please consider whether the information you require is already available on our website.

If the published material does not provide you with the information you require, you can make a request in writing to:

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
London Road
SN10 2RD

Email: [email protected]

When requesting information please include the following details:

  • Your name and address
  • The information or documents you would like to access
  • The way you would like the information to be sent to you (e.g. hard copy, via email)

Depending on the nature of your request a fee may be payable.

We have 20 working days to respond to your request and endeavour to do so in every instance.  Should we not hold the information you have requested or are unable to disclose the information in line with exemptions in the act we will notify you.


If you are unhappy with the information you receive from a freedom of information request, you have the right to appeal.

In the first instance, you should write to:

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
London Road
SN10 2RD

Email: [email protected]

You will need to include the reference number and date of your request, plus details of why you are appealing.

Receipt of your appeal will be acknowledged including confirmation of the issue/s raised, a target date for response, and the point of contact dealing with the appeal (who will be independent from the original decision maker).

A review of the appeal will then be conducted and you will be subsequently informed of the outcome, which could be one of three possibilities:

  1. All the information will be provided
  2. Some additional information will be provided
  3. The original decision will be upheld and no additional disclosure made

The response will be made as soon as is practicable with the intention to complete the review within twenty working days. In more complex cases the review may take up to 40 working days.

If after the appeals procedure has concluded, you are still dissatisfied, you have the right to direct your comments to the Information Commissioner who will give it due consideration.

Information Commissioner

If you are still unhappy after appealing, you have the right to contact the Information Commissioner. Full details of which will also be included in our response letter.

Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

All of the Freedom of Information requests received by the OPCC, along with the responses issued where applicable can be viewed on our Disclosure Log. All such requests and responses remain anonymous.