Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner is to take over the initial handling of complaints and service recovery in relation to the service provided by Wiltshire Police.

As of 1 September 2020, all complaints about the service provided by Wiltshire Police will be routed through the office of the PCC.

A dedicated team will log all complaints and, where the complaint is less serious, the team will intervene to ensure that the complainant receives an appropriate level of service as a matter of urgency. The goal is to turn around each complaint quickly and deliver a service that satisfies the member of the public without subjecting the individual and the force to a time-consuming investigation.

Where a complaint suggest serious errors or misconduct by police officers or staff, the team will immediately pass it to the Professional Standards Department for investigation.

In accordance with the statutory scheme, the PCC served notice on the Chief Constable and the appropriate members of the force. Their response has been positive and the Commissioner is today indicating that he will proceed as planned.

The new service will start on 1 September 2020.

A copy of the notice is below:

Copy of Notice

Kieran Kilgallen

Chief Executive, OPCC Wiltshire