I am committed to being open and transparent in my decision making process and the decisions that I take.    

There is also certain information relating to decisions made that I am required to make available to the public.

Below you will find a statement on the decision making process that I follow, a record of the decisions I have taken, and minutes of meetings (including non-public meetings) that are held by me where there is significant public interest. 

Statement on decision making

A record of the decisions I have made can be found here

Meetings held by the Police and Crime Commissioner

Commissioner's Monitoring Board

The Commissioner's Monitoring Board (CMB) is a bi-weekly meeting chaired by the Commissioner and attended by his Chief Executive, the Chief Constable and his senior officers, and the joint Chief Finance Officer. 

The board's purpose is to oversee and review the delivery of the Commissioner's priorities and is where the Commissioner makes his key decisions.

Public minutes of the meetings can be viewed here.

Joint Independent Audit Committee